Head of Events Production

Amanda is a graduate of Brunel University. She is a qualified youth and community worker with 10 years of practical experience. Amanda’s long-standing passion has been music with 15 years as a professional drummer and singer. Amanda’s other interests include travelling, learning new languages, and her family and friends.

UK Black Pride is important to Amanda because: “Whether you’re LGBT or not, and no matter your ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs, UK Black Pride is a free spirited, informative, safe and fun-filled environment where anyone can feel at home.

“As a young Black woman who has spent many years in England and then Jamaica, where I have had to hide and struggle with my sexuality in church, I felt that UK Black Pride has been a way to help put the stamp of freedom on my sexual, mental and spiritual well-being!

“This is me and how I live and love! There’s more to it than just walking around and saying ‘I’m gay’. I also feel there’s always much more to do for our communities.

“Since I’m inspired by my own life experiences and the different people I get to meet and their stories… I’m excited to be involved in UK Black Pride.”

Amanda can be emailed at: